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Erigones SDDC can be installed in the most simple way - you do not install it! Instead of booting from disks, the ErigonOS cloud operating system boots directly from USB keys or from the network. Erigones SDDC is built to scale - a new compute node is added to the system just by mounting the physical server into the rack.

Manage IT

Erigones SDDC comes with a centralized web management portal with a responsive HTML5 web interface. Additionally, SDDC integrates a batch processing functionality and a fully documented API.

Automate IT

High degree of automation of individual technical and non-technical data center workflows can be accessed immediately without any additional modules and complex configurations.

Secure IT

Multiple options for securing your data via integrated backups, snapshots and replication features. Erigones SDDC is built with security in mind - virtual servers run inside containers and are completely isolated on several network and data layers.

Monitor IT

Integrated alerting and monitoring server used for monitoring of physical hardware, compute node software, agent-less monitoring of virtual servers and containers/zones and agent monitoring of virtual machines and containers.

Simplify IT

Simple and intuitive user interface rapidly shortens the valuable time of system administrators, who do not need to repeat the same tasks over and over again and can focus on services and users and their actual problems.



  • Full control over HW resources and server prioritization (CPU, RAM, Disk I/O and Network).
  • Next generation enterprise file system and volume manager ZFS.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting system.
  • Highly scalable server deployment.
  • Instant snapshots and off-site backups.
  • Supports all major operating systems: Linux, Windows, Solaris and BSD flavours.


  • Isolation of virtual machines and containers on several network and data layers.
  • Open for auditing for business partners upon agreement.
  • Network security: Firewall, IP anti-spoofing and MAC anti-spoofing.
  • Automatic backups to off-site locations and local snapshots.
  • Every critical part of the infrastructure is redundant.
  • Is fully transparent to the client and gives him access to all internal processes via realtime logging.

Technical Overview

Compute Node

  • No vendor lock-in.
  • Support for most servers with Intel® CPUs.
  • No need for hardware RAID.
  • USB / PXE server boot.
  • Ultra fast deployment.
  • Support for most x86 guest operating systems.
  • Support for lightweight OS-level virtualization (containers).
  • Next generation enterprise file system and volume manager ZFS.
  • Guest OS runs inside another security layer.
  • Simple upgrade.

Data Center Architecture

  • Simple architecture without SPOF.
  • No need for shared storage.
  • High scalability.
  • Flexible network virtualization.
  • Distribute physical resources into logical units via virtual datacenter technology.
  • Quickly add more compute nodes into your existing infrastructure.

Hybrid Storage

  • Snapshots (instant local backups).
  • Backups (full/files or snapshots transferred to off-site location).
  • Smooth VM/container replication.
  • Support for advanced ZFS performance features (LZ4 compression, L2ARC, ZIL).
  • Advanced data protection (100% data consistency on disk).
  • Storage capabilities included in compute nodes.
  • Simple administration.

Quick Tour

Watch the video

  • This video will show you how to easily create a complex web server farm in a few minutes.


Compare Editions

Feature Basic Edition Datacenter Edition Enterprise Edition Cloud Edition
Web Management
VM Migration
Local Snapshots
Network Management
DNS Management
Image Management
Integrated Monitoring
Off-site Backups
Advanced User Management
Virtual Datacenters
Datacenter Import / Export
VM Replication
Storage Modules
Inventory Management
Billing Module
Cloud Analytics
Subscription Basic Edition Datacenter Edition Enterprise Edition Cloud Edition
Software Updates
Image Repository Access
Support Basic Edition Datacenter Edition Enterprise Edition Cloud Edition
Email ticket support
24x7 Hotline phone support
Proactive remote supervision with SLA


With Erigones SDDC, datacenter managers can use "sysadmin's brains" instead of their hands.

Fridrich Matejík
Manager of Systems & Technology Group, IBM Slovakia

We chose Erigones SDDC because of its simplicity and fast deployment.

Peter Štolc
Sales Manager, DATALAN

We were interested in Erigones Cloud for its feature list and fair prices.

Róbert Šimek
Head of ICTR Division, DATALAN

Selling our solutions via our portal became a piece of cake, Erigones SDDC does the work for us.

Patrik Skovajsa


Chief Executive Officer
E-mail +421-904-272-344

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